4 Tips on Teeth Whitening

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It is no secret that most people want bright, white teeth, however, some methods of teeth whitening can cause damage to your teeth and gums. In this blog post, we review several ways you can safely and easily whiten your teeth.

How Do White Teeth Become Stained?

According to Healthline, “Teeth can look more yellow or darken, especially as you age. As the outer enamel wears away, the yellow dentin underneath becomes more visible. Dentin is the second layer of calcified tissue beneath the outside enamel layer.”

Your teeth can also become stained over time due to the intake of various foods, drinks and even some mouthwash. Coffee, black tea, soda and soy sauce are all guilty of causing stains. To lessen the impact, limit your intake of these foods and clean your teeth well after consumption.

How To Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening your teeth can be a simple process if you follow these four easy steps.

Brush Your Teeth

The first step to whiter teeth is simple: brush them. Most of us don’t brush for the recommended time of two to three minutes, and our teeth suffer for it. Brushing longer, and at least twice a day, will help your smile look brighter. That being said, brushing too hard can also cause damage to your gums and enamel.

Eat Certain Foods

While some foods like dark berries and barbeque sauce can cause staining, others can help your teeth become whiter.

According to GQ, these are the foods that can enhance your smile:

  • Apples: Apples improve your gum health and stimulate saliva production, which helps to rinse away stains.
  • Cheese, milk and yogurt: Rich in calcium, all of these foods help strengthen teeth enamel and appearance.
  • Nuts, celery, broccoli and carrots: The abrasive and coarse texture of these foods help scrub off stains.
  • Raw onions: The sulfur found in raw onions stops plaque from forming.
  • Strawberries: The malic acid found in strawberries naturally removes surface stains lurking on your teeth.

Electric Toothbrushes

As we have discussed before, electric toothbrushes have been proven to clean your teeth better than still-bristled ones. According to GQ, “Thanks to their vibrating heads, electric toothbrushes are able to remove more stains than a standard toothbrush.”

Use Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Strips

Data shows that whitening toothpaste does work, it just takes a while. According to Mayo Clinic, “When used twice a day, whitening toothpaste can take from two to six weeks to make teeth appear whiter.”

However as Mayo Clinic states, whitening toothpaste will not change the natural color of your teeth, just lighten them up a bit and help remove stains.

Whitening strips can also work, but some may actually strip the enamel off your teeth, leaving them more prone to cavities. Consult with your dentist before trying any whitening strips.

Unproven Methods Of Teeth Whitening

There are many other methods out there that are supposed to whiten your teeth, however, most of these methods are unproven and have little, if no data at all, to back them up.

Some unproven methods according to Healthline are:

  • Activated charcoal: Brushing with powdered charcoal supposedly pulls toxins from the mouth and removes stains from teeth.
  • Kaolin clay: Proponents of this method claim that brushing with clay helps remove stains from teeth.
  • Fruit peels: Rubbing orange, lemon, or banana peels on your teeth is claimed to make them whiter.

Advocates of these methods claim they make teeth significantly whiter, but no studies have evaluated their effectiveness. This also means that they have not been tested for potential side effects. Do not try these methods unless you discuss the effects with your dentist beforehand.

Do You Have Questions About Teeth Whitening?

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