IV Sedation

Take the fear out of complex dental work
IV Sedation

Take the fear out of complex dental work with the help of IV sedation services offered by Chehalis Dental Care.

Severe dental anxiety is often the leading cause for why many people choose not to go to the dentist. Chehalis Dental Care wants everyone to be able to get the dental care they need, which is why we offer intravenous conscious sedation, which is otherwise known as IV sedation.

IV sedation is a quick, painless option for any patient who suffers from dental anxiety. When undergoing IV sedation, your dentist will administer an anti-anxiety drug to you intravenously. Once this drug reaches your bloodstream, you will start to feel calm and relaxed.

There is a common misconception surrounding IV sedation. Many patients believe that they are being ‘put to sleep’, but that isn’t what happens. Under IV sedation, patients are put into a relaxed state. Even though the patient is relaxed, and a bit groggy, he or she is still able to understand and respond to commands and requests.

IV sedation allows our patients to get the dental care they need without worrying about being anxious, gagging, or feeling any pain. From the moment the IV drug is administered to the time the procedure is over, the patient will be in an extremely relaxed setting. When the procedure is over, the patient will have little or no memory of what happened.

IV sedation is typically used for complex or lengthy dental procedures. However, if you suffer from severe dental anxiety it may be used for other routine procedures.

We want our patients to feel comfortable and relaxed when undergoing a dental procedure. That is why we offer IV sedation, as well as other sedation dentistry options such as nitrous oxide. If you suffer from dental anxiety, IV sedation may be able to help you get the dental care you need without feeling extremely anxious.

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